We think it’s about time you break free from your everyday life and start exploring the world, let us help you. We know all too well how easy it is to get entrenched in the so called, “rat race”. The most difficult part is leaving our everyday routines for something uncertain. Here at WE PLAN OUR TRIP we outline why uncertainty is something to strive for, something that makes us feel alive and puts us right in the moment. We are always open for collaboration and would love to work with creative souls wanting to start up a blog of their own, get amongst it!


We want to supply to you a raw experience of what it is really like to travel without the constant ads and sponsorships. We have a great blog page featuring Life made Rosie and we also have a podcast available with Wanderlust360. The goal is to explore our past travels and give an insight to the amazing potentials traveling has to offer. From solo trips and travel tips to conversations with travelers backpacking through Nepal, we got it all. Also, check out our travel maps page to see videos of the best places to travel all around the world. There is a wanderlust in each and every one of us, it’s time to pack your bags.

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The best time to visit Any Country

Enlarge map | Since we began planning our trips, we continued to run into the same problem, a common problem for most travelers... WHAT CLOTHES DO I PACK?! It's a tough question because you don't want to pack too little, yet you don't want your pack to be too heavy....

#10 It’s a TRAVR life

This episode is all about the man behind TRAVR. TRAVR is a traveling company that organizes and guides young adults to beautiful places all over the world. Clint Bertucci, the man behind it all, used to have a "successful" Mortgage company but began to...

Tips to stay fit while you travel

I am by no means a qualified nutritionist or fitness instructor, but like most people my weight is something I’ve had my ups and downs with. The first time I went backpacking, I remember a girl friend telling me: “You’ll have so much fun – you’ll loose so much...